Where did trending go?


Like what? Movies and websites?


Yeah. And levels and wip


Levels are for the levels, and wip is still used. What should be removed is challenges and featured challenges, since they make a new tab for each challenge and do not do them weekly anymore.



And they really needa add a rp one, that preferably doesn’t show up in newest (like deprecated here on the forum)


Idek what wip is, But i looked at some of the projects and I don’t think that they need a special tab

Petrichor I (Am)

I don’t know
Maybe it will be back


The bug has been solved! Finally!
(jk they are working on it again)


PetrendingTM: The only way to currently see trending. Repost because I accidentally put a period in the link where it wasn’t supposed to go.

Ad free because of repost!


Very helpful m8


Hmm, maybe there was a bug with it, just like the last time they removed it.


Yes they are “reworking it again” I think


Yes an agreeable decision definetely


Maybe ounce we learn to be more kind, we get it back?




Maybe. But why. There’s no reason for it.




There was a lot of bulling happening on there, so without it we could probably circulate less if it.


Definitely there will be less bullyi ng without trending.


Yeah, agreed.


So I think it’s gone forever. And I’m not really sad about it. I mean, name 1 game you saw on trending.