Where did trending go?


Idk why but this post seemed dramatic


Oh wait, that was a reply.


We should prob get back on topic now.


Yeah. Good idea. I didn’t notice it was gone though. I never really looked.


(I mean the trending tab)


I honestly never look at trending anymore


It’s mostly art and comics. (Which isn’t really HS’s purpose)


Well, it was. (How do we do invisible text?)

<dont put punctuation in here>


Well, now there won’t be as much drama circulating around.


PetrendingTM :


Do you want more PetrendingTM? Let me know and I will get the trending projects with code instead of manually.


(๑╹ω╹๑ ) what a great idea!


It was a great choice. It was a pit of art and drama


I’m glad it’s out, it was causing bad drama. Hopefully there will be less of it now.


What will they do next, remove newest? Lol


Um, If they removed newest, what would people look at to see and feature new projects? LOL


The trending page, oh, wait


There are a lot of categories I think are useless, and nobody uses anymore


Lol the trending page was prob removed due to all the drama on Hopscotch.


That’s what I thought, I mean, it might help, but I doubt it.