Where did trending go?


Self explanatory @ana @liza


It was honestly a good choice to take it out


Oh trending’s gone?

Prob a weird thing to say but yay cuz it was a huge pit of drama!


lol this isn’t the first time this happened, right?


By the way, you know Liza left, right?


Liza left? What? Why didn’t they tell us? Is She coming back?


No :(( sadly not, she’s been gone for a while now


This would be the 2nd time


I think she just stopped working with THT, idk why. And I doubt she’s coming back although she came to stalk the forum in February XD




That would be her account auto-sending a “your post has been flagged” message. She wasn’t actually on.


When somebody gets flagged, it shows that Liza has posted


Oh. Well, if she left THT, then why did she make a topic 5 days ago on the forum?


Topic, not reply. Check her profile


She didn’t. That was the last time someone posted in the topic, not when it was made.


Oh Really? (Still getting used to the forum, I wasn’t active for a while)


Yep, really.


Well who replaced Liza?




Oh I just saw ana’s topic “goodbye Liza”, I’m gonna go read it now.