Where did Hopscotch: Education Edition go?

I remember there being an app something like Hopscotch: Education Edition, which was also used on the YouTube tutorial videos


I believe it was removed when Hopscotch first transitioned to their subscription model. Around that time, schools were also able to set up classrooms within the normal app with a subscription, meaning that there was no point in making a separate app.

I don’t really know the full picture though, and someone else might be able to fill in more details than me.


O oke

Maybe someone has some images of it please?


Unfortunately I don’t, but you might be able to a quick Google search. I do remember a few differences though:

  • the old “paid” characters came for free in this version of the app
  • the background of the app icon was white
  • it costed $9.99 I think?
  • Not sure but I think it might have come with classroom funcationlity?

Mostly everything else was the same


Just checked. Yeah, it did.

here :)

Some webpage about it: Hopscotch For Schools: Learn to code, make cool things, have fun. by Hopscotch Technologies



Ahh, yes. That brings back so many memories from when I joined the HS app back in 2016.


Back in 2013 / 2014 I tried to get Hopscotch popular at my school, but the computer teacher banned it (which I didn’t realize until much later) because too many students were only playing the games.

I like the concept of the private classroom a lot.


Lol… I joined in 2016 too… and yep I agree lol…


Yeah… me too


I still have the app on my iPad, haha. (When Hopscotch first promoted it, they had some codes to giveaway, which would let you get the app for free. And the first 50 people to share with others would get a code, so I shared it with some school friends and Liza gave me a code. But I did buy the Jungle characters in the main app, some before and eventually all of them afterwards, to help support Hopscotch :slightly_smiling_face:)

Its latest version was the second last version of Hopscotch 2.0 (so the preview tab is still there, and the blocks are a bigger size)

But yep it had a private classroom feature (so any projects you post, from the app on student accounts, would appear only in the classroom, and not visible in the main community, I think. Unless I remixed them on my main account, or something.)

(And the other things that Awesome_E mentioned are accurate. It was a paid app, the app icon is white, etc.^^)

Hopscotch does have a more streamlined process for educators now, all on the main app:

I think since I logged into Hopscotch: Education Edition on my main Hopscotch account, I have this tab on my main app:

They transferred people on the old Education Edition app onto the main app now. (I’m not an educator so I don’t have students etc. and not sure how that tab works. So it just shows all my projects, the same as in Published)


Oh… so you have the app…

Show me a photo

(Sorry about screen time limit)


How though? I thought it would automatically delete

Edit: can you hold it and tap share app and put the link here?

Oh if developers remove an app from the App Store, it doesn’t automatically delete from anyone’s device. But you can only download the app, if you got the app before the developers removed it from the App Store.

It is possible to re-download apps by going to the Purchased tab on your App Store account (even apps that have since been removed from the App Store).


My ipad home screen freezes when I do that

Oh ok. That’s really cool though

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Ok I tried it from the Purchased menu:

And it gives this link:

(When the link is clicked on iPad though, it says “not available in your country or region”. It is probably referring to the app no longer being available, as it’s the same case for “/au/” when I click it.)


Unless the app fails to meet the requirements for the latest operating system

(Oh I wonder if this means people can redownload flappy bird on a new device ? But it’s probably too old by now)


my cousin downloaded it on her new iPhone

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