Where are you in the world?



Where are you, in the world? Edit below! If your country or area isn’t below, edit it in!


Eastern United States
It’s a large world after all ;-;
@treefrogstudios is here, but America isn’t my original nationality!
@Ihasfluffycupcakes squirtle takes over
Southern United States

Midwest United States
Western USA
Hi ~happyfacegirl
@Malie CA kid :stuck_out_tongue:
@MudFlowerCat :33333333333

Some other part of the US.
I’m not comfortable sharing. @TheGreenBanana
@codingkit lives in the secret world of cats and ice cream

Great Britain/Da UK
Me! England!

New Zealand
@StarryDream @MR.GAM3R (North Island!)
(South Island!)

Somewhere over the rainbow- @Murphy1
@Rainboom Lives in Canterlot High
@FoodDelivery proud aussie



If this isn’t ok, please close this.


This isn't global edit..?


I'm eastern US! :DDD


Sorry, it is now. Thanks, I totally forgot.


You're welcome and its okay :stuck_out_tongue:
(By the way, weren't you gone?)


Yah, coming back for the day. :P


Can I make the countries bold, so it's easier to read?




How is this related to Hopscotch, may I ask?


You get to know other Hopscotchers better, and knowing countrys helps with time zones for collabs, and it's kind of the same as gender polls and sexuality polls @PenguinGaming713


Gender and sexuality polls aren't really related either. I do think there is another topic like this, which hasn't been closed.


Ok. I couldn't find any. But the gender and sexuality polls weren't closed, right?


no they weren't.


NZ here! Dat means dat I am in South Pacific Ocean Time Zone.




Sorry I can't fill this out, there isn't a my country, POTATOE!!!


Apparently I live in Canterlot High



You could edit it in XD