Where are u mr.rexxxxxx


I finally came back and remembered my password to at least one of my accounts. But @Mr.rex has disapperated and is gone from the face of the Earth! :,( I am lonelyyyyyy.


No I haven’t! The bored person is here!

I hate my voice

Edit: oh wait her posts are on hold…


no ur voice is better than mine!
one of my friends told me that i have a man’s voice


I really don’t think a topic was needed for this.


You could post this on your general topic :wink:


This was one of my first posts after being gone from the forum


Abd…? I dont think that makes it necessary for this to be a topic…


That’s a little rude…
What I meant to say is that I was pretty new to the forum


Sorry :frowning:
Oh right. I see you joined less than 2 months ago. Oh well. Even so, would you like to recycle this topic or something? :slight_smile:


It’s okay. I don’t really know what “recycle a topic” means


It means you get everyone who posted in a topic to delete their posts, then edit the title and top post to essentially make a new topic :slight_smile:


oh ok