When's the new update?


I have heared that there's a new update that will let iPhone do edit mode and to share projects even if there not on hopscotch... I heard it from @Liza here:

Is this still happening and when will it come out!!!! (@Liza & @Ian & @alish & @Rodrigo or anyone else who may know Please Answer!)


Yep the Hopscotch Team are working on it right now :smiley: and in fact they're in the testing stage of reworking Hopscotch to prepare for this.


Wow, really? I can't wait. (Now the rest of my friends can play Hopscotch)


They'll be able to play Hopscotch projects on a web browser using a Hopscotch web player that the Hopscotch Team is working on :smiley:


Do we know a date of when it's coming out?!
Thanks for the help!


It looks like it might be soon!


Thank you for this explanation that @Ian has said!


Found another post!:smiley: :


well its the 25th so....

Hopcocth update

Things don't always work out on time so we'll just have to be patient :blush:


I've been toooooo patient, when the new, new update coming.


Same! Ian has left now so maybe it's not happening....