When you started Hopscotch...did you...?



When I began Hopscotch, I..

...relied on custom characters alot.

Is this the same for you?

  • Yes, but now I don't
  • Yes, I still do
  • ..Probably..
  • I forgot!
  • Probably not..?
  • Nope, I never did!
  • Potatoe


You must choose 2 options.

...limited myself to only a small amount of likes.

Is this the same for you?

  • Yes, but now I don't
  • Yes, I still do!
  • ...Probably...
  • I don't remember..:T
  • Probably not..?
  • Nope, I was born a spam liker, and I still am!
  • Moar potatoe


You must choose 2 options.

...only followed people that were very well known.

Is this the same for you?

I'd like to know @Anonymous' answer... xD
  • Yes, but now I don't
  • Yes, I still do!
  • ...Probably...
  • I forgot!
  • Probably not...
  • No, I never did!
  • Potatoe everywhere!!


You must choose 2 options.

Of course, all of these statements are not true for me now! :D

Reply if you've had similar experiences, or any comments!


What do you mean by "custom characters"? Coded characters or Unicode?




Chillanna, Cody, etc..


When you started Hopscotch, did you use Check Once ifs a lot? I did, and still do….

  • Yes, but now I don't
  • Yes, I still do
  • So-so
  • No, but now I do
  • No, I never have
  • Lamps


You may choose up to 2 options.


Lamps! XD


I didn't rely on custom characters, got 100 likes in like 2 hrs o_O (when I first came)
Got 50+ followers mah first day (lp was the first famous peep to follow

You could tell people really wanted those likes XD

Forgot, it something like this:
I liked about 3000+ each day for one week... Then 1000+ A day for like 2 months
and now I don't keep track... But I like EVERYTHING in my following tab! One time I liked all the projects in newest for 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue:
Then 5 other times: 1 hr of liking


Wow.... wait, did you start with your username as f4lo,or something entirely different?


I remember that. I saw your jackpot on newest, and the next thing I knew it was at the top of trending.


I actually did used to follow all famous hopscotchers, then I un followed a few and followed some other ppl.


Do you mean in your first account or this one?


I started HS in late 2014. Then that account got deleted and now I got back in pro HS in late 2015 so a year....


lol...read the topic please! It's completely different! xD


It was
"follow me 4 likes"
Then "Follow 4 Likes Official"
Then "Anonymous"
Then Anonymous �


We joined Hopscotch when your username was Follow4LikesOfficial, and we followed you.


Same here...
However, I followed him, not because of his namesake, but because of his projects.

LOL you don't know just how much I wanted to join that riddle contest! I didn't have the update at that time, though... ;-;


When I first joined, all I did was

  1. Do the levels
  2. Branch
  3. Experiment


When I First Joined I Did........
1: Like Things
2: Play Things
3: Remix Things


Yeah, for the first like 5 months since we joined, all we did was remix, and do the videos, I coded a particularly good game for a new Hopscotcher. It's called "The Drawing Game", by the girl (me).



I think your name used to be Anonymous Liker... Or something