When you make a topic, how many people comment on it


How many people normally comment on your post? Does it get ignored? Does it bother you? Answer here. Be honest.

  • Ignored
  • 5
  • 10+
  • 20+
  • 40+
  • 60+
  • 80+
  • 100+++++


Votes are public.


Most topics of mine, not a lot, but my general topik has over 2000, so, idk XD


100+++++ = 100 and beyond.


I usually get 11 comments


You guys don't understand, they don't mean how many comments
They mean people


Ohhhhhhh me too. I hget around 10 to 20 comments. Depends how interesting the post is.


Wait im confuzzled. Can you explain what ur saying a little bit better


They are asking how many people comment
Let's say you make a topic and whenever you make a new topic magmapop HFB and donaldtrump come to it and nobody else. Sometimes others. So that means you have three people comment on your topic


Yeah it does... maybe if I'm on longer.... as they say, you mast crawl before you walk.


Ohhhhhhh okayyyy that makes more sense. But who is they?


/ 20ish people. Yeah.


Does it bother anyone? Do any of you feel bad for the people that don't get as much comments? Do any of you notice that people's posts/topics sometimes don't get noticed, but you dont say anything about it?

I dont mean to offend anyone.


I usually get 40 post but most of them are bumping the topic
My general topic is usally me askin more people to ask more questions


Does it matter​:grinning: The forum is happy place no matter how many replies you get!


I think this is a fine topic. It's just a quick little poll, and I'm interested to see the results! :slight_smile:


No it doesn't really matter. Idc personally. I just wanted to make an observation.


oh ok @Gilbert189 @QueenShaeShae thanks for telling me and you did it in a nice way​:grinning:


You're welcome!! I'm happy I said it in a nice way!! I really don't want to be mean or have drama!!


Yea...your not a drama queen get it​:joy::joy::joy:


Lol!!!! I get it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I was a drama queen a loooong time ago. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf.