When you are... RANDOMIZER


It can predict your future :crystal_ball:
Fun project that randomly makes a guess...

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Can somebody add the omtl


Thanks for all the support you guys have been giving me recently


I saw this, it's really cool!


Thank you...
Gtg HSF peeps


These generators are a "hopscotch classic" and I think that this one has an awesome design and it is really fun to try! Great job!


Thanks, i love the classic hopscotch and the reveal was a suggestion


I like it, but it looks like other projects I've seen on HS.


I know
It is just different than the others but not original


This is cool, but..
Can you please use one topic for all of the ScotchHop collab's projects? Please?


K, i will do that!
Thx for the suggestion


Because some people are really ....ed off and annoyed lol


Amazingest creation u have made so far!


Thanks, it isn't that hard though
The hardest thing was the check once if else


Exactly what I would like to do when I die :joy:



how did you get the background to generate that fast?


Look at the code
It creates lots of clones
You can also ask COAN