When you are granted member, what do you do with invites?



I'm member, but I don't know what we do to invite people. If I invite a person, what does it do?


All I want to know is what do the invites do.


I just got granted too and I have no idea. I want to know too.


how do you become a member?


Heres How


so press invite then type in the email fo you want to invite then it emails them with a link they open the link that comes here


Thanks @SnowGirl_Studios!


Yeah thanks!!! @SnowGirl_Studios


@SlipperySalamander @HoppingBanana
Hey anytime if you need help here or hopscotch just ask!:slightly_smiling:


Hi @HoppingBanana and @SlipperySalamander, great answer from @SnowGirl_Studios and here are some pics too:

You can also invite friends or family to the Hopscotch forum too

  • First, go to your profile. You'll see the option to check invites:

  • Tap that to open it and you'll see the invites page come up for your profile. You will see a button saying "Send an invite":

  • Once you tap that, you'll see a little pop-up where you can enter the email of the person whom you want to invite to the forum, and they'll get an email inviting them to join :smiley:

Hope this helps :smile:

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Thank you, that helped!


Wow! Now that's helpful too! Thanks @t1_hopscotch!


So invite means to invite someone to a topic?


Yep @CutiesCuties you can invite people to topics or invite someone to the forum too. That's what invite means :smiley:


Thanks! It helped a lot!


No problem :smile: @CutiesCuties


@t1_hopscotch can I invite you to a topic so I can get a badge?


Hi @Gabe_N you're more than welcome to invite me to a topic that you'd like to share with me!

I think that you only get a badge when you invite someone else to the forum via email though, and once they've joined then you'll get a badge for inviting them to this awesome forum :smile:


I've done that and I still didn't get the badge I invited my dad @zach (just to get the badge)


Hmm I'm not exactly sure what's going on, since I've never invited someone via email before. Inviting someone just to get the badge sort of ruins the purpose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I'm not sure why it hasn't given you a badge.

Did he sign up through the email that he received, and using that same email? But thanks for inviting your dad to the forum and sharing the forum with him :smile: