When will the number keyboard in landscape mode be fixed


@Liza @rodrigo @awesomeonion will this ever be fixed? I usually use Hopscotch in portrait mode, but I'm coding a project that needs to be in landscape mode for spacing, and the number keyboard is confusing me very much. The numbers are messy and out of order, no they have been like this for a while. Can you guys please fix this soon? Thanks. :slight_smile:


Just turn it sideways and back


Leave the project, then enter it in landscape, and don't turn it.


Close Hopscotch, double tap the home button, swipe up on Hopscotch to clear it, then relaunch the app. Don't rotate your iPad while in Hopscotch, I usually have orientation lock to prevent this from happening.


I have got the numbers now
How orientation lock works?


It prevents your screen from rotating. To turn it on, either use the switch on the side, or if that turns on mute, then swipe up from the button of the screen to show the Control Centre, and then tap the icon with a lock


It happens when you rotate from portrait mode to landscape mode I think :smiley:


For THT:

This bug happens only when you turn the iPad from portrait mode to landscape mode while in the editor. This also doesn't happen when you start from landscape mode.

@Liza @Rodrigo


Oh no, that's totally messed up! Yes, we should fix this big, I think it's been there for years (well, not years really, but months). And it's one of the most annoying

I hope we'll fix it in the next iteration, but there are also a lot of problems with drafts, so maybe those are more urgent.



Yeah, the drafts should probably be fixed first. I am used to that keyboard and when it happens I just naturally switch and don't notice it,


Another bug with changing from landscape to portrait this happens :confused:

This for some reason happens :confused:


That happens to me too