When will I get regular?


can you tell me how I can get the regular? I want it but I'm just a member​:disappointed_relieved: I've been on here for a while. But I know this account wasn't active for a while.


Probably just keep reading :wink:


For how much do I read


Idk. You've read 7.6k posts and the requirements say 20k posts, 500 topics and all that


Yep. You need to read more. I just realized you joined a day before me!


Actually two days ! @PenguinGaming713 !

@Over_powered_wizard1 , you need to read a lot more ! You should just scroll through shirt topics slowly then you will get there !


I joined on April 13 and OPW1 joined on April 12. It's one day. Let's GBOT.