When will hopscotch on iPhone be ready?



@Liza when will the hopscotch edit mode be on the iPhone?


I hope this comes soon too. I have just left a thing about the collab :slightly_smiling: on the page.


Hopscotch on an Iphone? That would be awesome, I would seriously love that but:
Do you think it is possible?
Because let's be honest, if projects can slightly lag on an ipad, imagine on an Iphone. And then it depends on what type of project, small ones would be fine but a game like Tap Titans wouldn't load. That's my opinion.


You can already play projects on iPhone just fine and the Hopscotch Team are working on iPhone edit mode so I hope it won't be laggy :smiley:


You can?!!? That's amazing.


If you sometimes see "A Hopscotcher liked your project!" and you see that you can't click on A Hopscotcher's profile, that means it's from an iPhone.


You can play but not edit on the I phone


Thanks been tryin to figure that out for AGES!


@Rodrigo Wow! You are looking at old topics .-. Well this should be released very soon :D


@Follow4LikesOfficial made a topic about it


Yeah...not sure if we are supposed to share the alpha....


I'm testing it, and got an email... Did she say we should keep it a secret? I have not leaked anything, but lots of people have been asking questions that I know the answers to, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to answer them!


I had a Google hangout and Liza said not to share...but now Liza has messaged me and I have do idea what is going on ;-;


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Email, like any normal beta :wink: Except on an iPhone.


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It's okay to share snippets, not all.

Sorry for mega closing your topic @Follow4LikesOfficial

It's in the alpha phase, and it's optimized for iPhone 6


That is some epic close :D I could not even see the Closed post ;-;


I deleted it. I freaked out. Sorry :grin:


So you heard the "No spoilers" too? Well whatever! I can still get to the topic .-.