When will Hopscotch come to Android?


I have always wanted to get Hopscotch on my non-school tablet but I only have an Android device. I was wondering if you know when this will come out for Android and if I can test it. I have lots of freetime and am very good with testing.


Fist of all: there is a rule of hopscotch/hopscotch forum about sharing emails.
Second of all: there will be an android app in a bit, they just need to make the web player.

Hope this helped


I know that the hopscotch team is going to make a computer version of hopscotch. So if you have a family computer or personal you could do that. I also hope that hopscotch makes it so its on any kind of phone becuase my friend wants to be a video game designer.


Building an Android app is way different than building an IOS based app.

The programming interface and method are so different so it may take a while ( long time actually ) to make an Android version of Hopscotch.