When to use Omtl

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I know that a lot of people talked about this but I want to try explaining some more, lets start with explaining what omtl is. Omtl is a tag that when you use it you tag a lot of people, its a tag group and it stands for: Official Mass Tag List, if you want to join it read the guidelines and request to join, by clicking this: https://forum.gethopscotch.com/g/omtl (If it does not work just copy and paste the link into a new tab.
When to use in topics

Think about it:

  • Is your topic good
  • If your topic is a bug, is it a big bug that will affect a lot of people
  • Is your topic at least 50 words?
  • Is your topic inappropriate
  • Will people like the information you are giving them?
    If you thought of these questions and got an answer for each question, do you think your topic is good enough? If yes make sure you put the tag in the right spot.
The right spot

Put your tag in something like this

That spot


When to use in a message

Hmm, so you want to know when to use it in a message? Well think about these questions:

  • Is it the message people want to see. (No one likes scrolling unless you do)
  • Is it worth reading
  • If its a bug, will it affect a lot of people?
  • Is it inappropriate?
  • If its an answer to a question, is it important?
  • I its an answer to a question, is it correct?

Example 1 of 4

One guy is making a topic, he wants to use the omtl tag. He responded to the question “Is it innapropiate” with yes.
Should this guy tag omtl?
  • Of course!
  • No, don’t even create the topic!

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Example 2 of 4

This guy is creating a post and he is tagging omtl, but people have to scroll through 100 posts.
Should he tag omtl?
  • Yes
  • No

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Example 3 of 4

Some guy named I like bugs is making a topic, he is making a topic about this bug that is affecting every user his topic is long and important.
Should he tag omtl?
  • Yes
  • No

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Example 4 of 4

Mr. Wow has an answer to I like bugs topic, his answer is very important but its wrong.
Should he tag omtl?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Delete the post and no

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Was my explanation good?
  • Yes (Best Option)
  • No (Worst Option)

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When/When not to use OMTL and POMTL