When to make a bug report

3 things to consider before making a bug report

whenever I find a weird bug, my mind almost immediately says “bug report time” but that really shouldn’t be the case. here are 3 steps that help me to decide whether or not to make a bug report.

Step 1: are there topics on that bug?

always search before you post—this way the bugs category doesn’t get clogged with reports of the same bug. if the bug has been reported, bump the topic or, if it’s closed, ask a lead to open it

Step 2: is it in hopscotch?

the hopscotch team cannot do anything related to bugs on the forum as discourse runs this forum. if there’s a bug on the forum I think discourse has a place where you can report them.

Step 3: is it reproducible?

there are often glitches that can’t be reproduced. if you can’t reproduce it, I wouldn’t bother making a topic. in the bug report form it says “steps that the hopscotch team can take to reproduce the problem every time

if you said “no” to step 1 and “yes” to step 2 and 3, you’re good to go for making a bug report topic!

I hope this helps you decide to make a bug report or not:)

also, these are my views on it—they’re not “right” by any means, they’re just tips

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I honestly think this fits pretty great here- or else perhaps Hopscotch academy- which focuses on learning! which would you prefer?


I’ll leave it here as it’s more about the forum

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Nice topic. This’ll be helpful to a lot of people

I follow the same criteria and usually also ask on the yctayhch first as confirmation


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Great topic. I’m sure it will be useful to a lot of people.


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@Nobody hi I noticed this FYI thing idk what is it when I was playing some games it’s pretty annoying.
Here is a screenshot:
Can’t make screenshots in here idk why?
Plz can the hopscotch team tell me what is happening?


there’s actually been a report for this!

it was considered intentional - a way of reminding users that they could lose progress!


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