When to Give Credit



So you read the title. You also clicked this. Now you have noticed I'm terrible at starting topics, stay with me, cause your all I need...
Anyway, have you ever had that desperate moment when you need to refresh yourself on a spiral or fading background? So you search up "Fading Background", find a project, and then save it to drafts and pretty much copy the code. You don't give the person credit.
Is this OK? You decide. Leave your opinion in the comments!

  • Yes
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This is a great topic, @LazyLizard


Thank you!
I started noticing tensions rising in Hopscotch over these things, and then I took this idea and made it into a topic.

If I made a project and somebody copied the code and said "Eh. I won't give the almighty and amazing LazyLizard credit", I would NOT be the happiest.


Awesome topic! :D
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I will give this incredible topic a real like later. :D


Great topic! Whoops I accidentally pressed yes gotta change it


You are incredible! Part of this was inspired by the copies of your projects, especially the model!


Thank you!

Does anybody have opinions on this matter?


When that happens it's really annoying one someone copied my project and didn't give credit but they did after I told them


Thank you!
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I think my 'Emojis!' project's codes were used (without credit) more. XD
When a hopscotcher uses my model codes, they usually give credit, or I'm just missing something. XD


Yeah, I see about 75% of users give credit, which is great!
I'm not sure about the other 25% though!

This goes for your other projects, as well, they are original and awesome!


It is great! :D

Thank you! :D
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Great topic! I said no, it is not ok. It's totally fine to save it to your drafts and look through and learn from the code, but NOT ok to steal credit.


It's fine to, well, I must give an example:
JoeBobGary was looking through projects, and he found one with interesting code that he wanted to learn more about. So, he put it in drafts and studied the code but didn't copy it.


If it's FTU, sure. I mean, smooth backgrounds are popular, (thanks @MagmaPOP) and I don't think it's "plagiarism" if you copy the code. But if you take... Let's say @CreativeCoder's undertale pixel title and copy the code, I say that's plagiarizing.
But F4LO, what if it doesn't say if it's FTU?
If you see it in tons of projects (by different users) then it's ok. Something as little as a background doesn't really count as plagiarizing


I like to give credit on the FTU things to avoid drama.


Me too, I really add a lot for the credits to avoid mad ppl


They scare me sometimes. Its like "blablabla remixed your project" and you freak out because you think they will accuse you of stealing.


XD @MagmaPOP thanks for remixing! (Sorry random)


The pumped up kicks thing? Because that's gone now...


Yeah, I know. (It was in my remix tab)
3rd project remixed by u and counting! XD (although 2 were deleted :p)