When to Give Credit...Thanks!



Hi everyone,
I was wondering whether to give credit in my situation. I saw a project I thought was really cool on Scratch, do you guys think I need to give credit for that? Or is credit just Hopscotch things?

  • Yes
  • No


Please also comment below.

P.S. Ha ha ha Yes, no, comment below. I'm a poet and I know it.


Are you re-creating the project, or are you using some code? :D

I think you should give credit! :D


Ooh! Good topic, I was wondering that myself! I'm going to give credit for the scratch project I'm currently Hopscotchifying! :smiley:


I was going to recreate it on Hopscotch, so do I need to ask this user's permission? Because I don't know who this is. I barely ever go on Scratch.

I might change a little, but it will pretty much be recreating.


I gave credit to an original game professionally coded. Heheh... Yeah you should give credit


I'm pretty sure @MagmaPOP gave credit to Google once.


Did don't think he actually gave credit, but he said he got it from Google. Is that giving credit?




Yeah, even so..........


@MagmaPOP nice profile background


Just say something like
"Inspired by projects on scratch