When to create a new topic

I’ve been scrolling through the forum recently and I find that a lot of the new topics are no less than a sentence or two long. Having learned from my past mistakes, I just came here to discuss this. I’m sure this was one of the reasons why you aren’t allowed to make gdts. You see, it’s fine to make a topic about something big. But if you’re going to make one that isn’t elaborate or just two small, then it would be better putting it in the Y topic and topics would just get too spammy. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but I feel it is almost pointless to make a topic of your own. Now, before you make a topic, think of this.

Is it better just putting it in the Y topic?
Are you sure it isn’t a vague topic for people to guess themselves?
Is it worth making a topic for it?

Thanks for reading this, I hope it helps in your decisions in the future.

  • It does
  • It doesnt

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I didn’t read it


Nice reminder:))

Editing the title to make it a bit clearer


Nice! It made a ton of sense :slight_smile:


Good ot
I know that when i check the new tab, there are thousands of topics that are too short


Good and epic


Nice explaining about topics. :))

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Thanks! I’m pretty new to the forum so this is very helpful!


there’s a lot of topics like this- I can link you to some if you want!

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Avoiding getting your topic deleted
Don’t make topics about IC (Inappropriate Content)
Such as

  • Links not suited for children
  • or anything against the guidelines

Don’t make topics about rude things

To avoid deleting because of of topicness or spam

If you see an off topic post flag it.
Don’t continue the conversation
Just leave, take a break or tag leaders to handle the situation

What you can make topics about
Stuff that fits into categories
(Comps, Collabs, Rqs. Meta - Forum. Meta - Hopscotch etc)

And don’t make a topic that can fit into another topic.

(If this is covered in another topic, I apologize. And please Clive.)

Helpful Link

Community Guideline for Hopscotch Forum

Thank you everyone who has followed these rules, you helped the forum become safer. :grin:.
Happy Hopscotching!


Great reminder love the format

Don’t think that’s necessary, bc, as you did, people are still responding here…
But idk, @LunarEclispe (i think ur on, sry if ur not) should this be clived?

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That was merged from another topic so Lunar will just have to edit that out that post

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Oh oops haha
why am i so bad at this

Thanks for the advice :smiley:

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Great guide!