When to create a new topic

I’ve been scrolling through the forum recently and I find that a lot of the new topics are no less than a sentence or two long. Having learned from my past mistakes, I just came here to discuss this. I’m sure this was one of the reasons why you aren’t allowed to make gdts. You see, it’s fine to make a topic about something big. But if you’re going to make one that isn’t elaborate or just two small, then it would be better putting it in the Y topic and topics would just get too spammy. It’s fine if you don’t agree, but I feel it is almost pointless to make a topic of your own. Now, before you make a topic, think of this.

Is it better just putting it in the Y topic?
Are you sure it isn’t a vague topic for people to guess themselves?
Is it worth making a topic for it?

Thanks for reading this, I hope it helps in your decisions in the future.

  • It does
  • It doesnt

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I didn’t read it


Nice reminder:))

Editing the title to make it a bit clearer


Nice! It made a ton of sense :slight_smile:


Good ot
I know that when i check the new tab, there are thousands of topics that are too short


Good and epic


Nice explaining about topics. :))

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Thanks! I’m pretty new to the forum so this is very helpful!

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there’s a lot of topics like this- I can link you to some if you want!