When to bump a topic

sorry @/gwetv it’s just getting a little annoying so I decided to make one, feel free to add your thoughts

I have seen a lot of “bumping” going on lately, and, as users have said it can clog up categories like “unread” and “latest” which can be annoying. so, ask yourself: should I bump this topic?

I consider a topic worthy of bumping if:

  • it is relevant to hopscotch
  • the user is still active
  • how old the topic is
  • it is not a fixed problem

here’s a quick breakdown:
relevance: if the topic isn’t relevant to hopscotch, why bump it? the convo is not going to be productive so there’s no real use to bumping
user activity: if the creator of the topic asks a question like “can someone help with collisions?” and isn’t active, they clearly aren’t going to see your reply and therefore it renders basically useless
age: a topic that’s 4 years old won’t be of any use in the present day, it’s as simple as that
fixed?: if the problem in the topic is fixed it’s not worth bumping because you can’t help in any way—unless you have a better solution

what if i see the topic but shouldn’t bump it?

link it on the leader q and a topic and ask a leader to clive or clivecate it. cliving means close and archive, while clivecate means close, archive, and deprecate

try not to use the @leaders tag when doing this to avoid clogging up leader’s notifications. instead, tag the leader that was last seen or try not to tag one in the first place

another tip: try to compile a bunch of topics that need cliving in one post as to avoid replying a bunch of times. post the links inside a drop down folder, which you can do via 2 ways:

  • hit the settings icon then “hide details”
  • type [details=name of detail box] [/details] on different lines
    doing this helps avoid the user having to scroll through a bunch of links to get to another post

finding when a user was last seen

to find when a user was last seen, hit the search icon, type in “trust_level_0”, and type the user’s username. last seen means the last time they were active, and last posted means the last time they posted.

to find the most recently seen leader, hit the search icon and type in “leaders”
from there hit the “seen” button twice to get the most recently seen leader on top


now that you’ve hopefully read that, here’s a small test:
example 1
I find a topic asking for help with scrolling that’s from March of 2017. the user that created it hasn’t been active for 2 years and their bio says they’ve left the forum. should I bump it or link it to the leader q and a topic asking to clive it?

  • bump it
  • link to lead q and a topic

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example 2
I find a topic from December of 2019 asking for help with transitions. the user is still active and it doesn’t seem like the problem was solved. should I bump it, asking the user if they figured it out, or link the topic to the leader q and a topic asking to clive it?

  • bump it
  • link to lead q and a topic

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thanks for reading:)

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Nice guide :)) I’m sure people will find it helpful


I started seeing this a lot too, this is very helpful


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Also related – saying “Bump, clive?”

This discussion has also happened before – closing topics is for when they are not relevant anymore, not just because they are old topics, regardless of when the user was last seen.

Like if COAN and I left, the JSON modification topic would not close unless requested. Same with the HS Webplayer topic I made.


I figured that would be important to add here as well since a lot of topics have been bumped recently to ask if they can be closed.


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