“When Self is Touched” doesn’t work well when rotated

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iPad 6th gen

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I noticed that the hitbox of an object with a different angle than 0 doesn’t rotate with it
In other words, “when self is tapped” works with this red zone:

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Make sure your device is ready to eat a link
  2. Click on this text
  3. Ask your device if he’s okay
  4. atchoum.

come on be serious please

Go into this link and click on the extreme left or extreme right of the object. You should have no sound. Then click on the white space just after the object. It has a sound. It’s because the hitbox for the object didn’t rotate.

I expected this to happen:
Works well
But instead this happened:
Guess what happened, i already explained lol

@Rectangle @Awesome_E


Here’s the issue lol


wut how lol


Have you tried this on your device? Can anyone else report what happened when they click on the project link? (i.e. “iPad Air 4, bug occurs”)

For me, the hitbox seems to be a plus shape. Maybe something is just mapped wrong in the player, but that’s still a bug nonetheless. (M1 Air, Chrome @ latest)


Bug occurred (weird when self is pressed bug on rotated objects) on iPad Pro 11” 2018


the link doesn’t work for me—it just goes to the main page of hopscotch


(another bug with the latest update; unpublished projects dont link correctly at all)


For the bug I found with touching transformed objects, using another Set Image block was a work-around. See this last post on that topic. I’m curious if that works for you; I can’t open your link.


i’ve unpublished it because it’s not a game
sorry no one D:

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That may be intentional or as a result of the new metadata endpoint, but I’m not sure. If you think about it though, that’s how it should have worked before, but it can be really incovenient


that’s funny

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I came across the same bug (or at least a similar) when changing the width and height of an object then rotating it.

The oval should change colors when self is tapped. However, you will notice that, at time, you will tap it and nothing will happen while at other times it will change colors when you tap outside.

Anywhere inside the black oval is where you can tap, but as you can see, most of that’s not the actual object.

This is a solution, but set image defaults the color of the object back to black, which can be inconvenient.