When school starts up


It's a group of homerooms.

Basically u r assigned a HR and a cluster. And there are four HR's per cluster and 4 teachers ( for math, science, social studies, ELA) u can have classes with anybody in ur cluster but u can't have classes with kids who aren't in ur cluster

In sixth grade, u go from class to class with ur HR. In seventh grade there could be some kids in ur HR who aren't in any of ur other classes


@Ella_13 Ohhh ok, that sounds cool :smiley: We have teams which is pretty much the same thing with a different name :laughing:


We have teams in eighth grade!


Lol so in six grade they're called houses

In seventh grade there are clusters

Pretty much the same thing

8th grade: teams

There are 2 teams


What cluster were u in last year? I'm in cluster m. Is it good?


I understand completely. :slight_smile:

I'm in 7th grade too, I started Tuesday. It's not that bad if you have an organization and a game plan ahead of time on how you are going to manage time and follow through with it.


woah i was in m toooo
Ms. Fin is nice but she gets mad easily
Ms. Deg is weird just saying (I had her for homeroom)
Mr. Col is DA BEST (he is so nice and funny)
Ms. Cof is so nice!

Dun want to say the whole names cuz ppl could track down where we live


I have Mrs deg for HR. I have heard she's super weird


i had her tooo she has a mustache lol


Oh great a mustache... What house were u in? I was in house wms. Mrs sum was the best. She's super nice


wait woah me too

i had mr j for homeroom but he left ;-;


Ya everyone was so sad when he told us on the last day of school. He was so cool!


ya but when we had her in dec she was having a baby so the subsitute was a high school teacher who was so harsh that he gave everyone b's lol


Hes gonna get some other degree. He like never smiles at all


Ya true. He would spend all of science class showing us vids of his cat XD. How long have u lived in our town? I have lived in our town since I was 2.


it was so sad because someone asked him "Do you like being a 6th grade teacher" and he said "no" in front of our whole class xD
and the other time he points at his past homerooms and told us "these are good homerooms. u guys are a bad homeroom." in front of all of us xD

well he said that because our whole classroom trolled each other (I mean like EVERYONE) and everyone said yeet and it was just @CreativeCoder's nightmare


i think when i was like 6


That's stinks cause Mrs sum is so nice.
I might have saw a video of u cause Mr j showed us the videos of the Rube Goldberg projects. I just don't know which one is you


What elementr y school did u go to? I went to spra ( the one close to the middle school)


I went to har-

theyre gonna tear it down noooooooo

the playground is massive tho