When school starts up


Hi @Phase_Admin !

That's so funny, I'm also going into 7th grade and I'm also starting on Wednesday! :joy:


I won't be on the forum and hopscotch starting September 6th!!


Im going into 4 and start September 6th!


I'm going back on September 6 too!
Except I'm going into 6th grade!

@Phase_Admin I'll miss you if you leave! But I think you can limit yourself to 30 min/day (or something like that). But if you get distracted easily, then mayb you should leave?

It's your choice, tho. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you live the in the U.S.A?


Yep, do you? (Sjshsjbsejdudhd I need 20 characters)


We are all going into the Same grade On the same day. Im from the USA also!


@Ella_13 Oh, I didn't realize that! I thought it was different for every school! :joy:


R u from the USA?


I am, yes (ahsheiehbdlle I need 20 characters)


Cool! I'm from Massachusetts ( my bio)


Me too, actually! :smiley::blush::grinning:


That's cool! Imagine if we were from the Same town and didn't even know it.....


Yeah.. :laughing:
Unfortunately we can't share what town were in cause it's personal info :confused:
That would be cool if we're from the same town​:smiley:


Yeah I know that sharing the town would be personal info.
Would sharing what HR ur in be personal info? Cause u might know my HR teacher so then we know we are from the same town but nobody knows what town we are from.


Ok cool! I'm in HR 215 :smiley: @Ella_13


are you in a cluster?

If u know what clusters are then u go to my school.


@Ella_13 Oh... Then nope :joy: I have no idea what a cluster is


Ok. XD. Two kids on the forum go to my school

Silently tags @Anonymous XD


@Ella_13 I'm just curious... What is a cluster?