“When Object Is Cloned” appears in “My Custom Rules” for no reason

Use this template to make awesome bug reports:

Your username: NTh3R

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th gen, iPadOS 15.5.thing

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was coding.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Create a custom rule
  2. Add a magenta rule

I expected this to happen: No When Object Is Cloned

But instead this happened: Yes When Object Is cloned

Here’s a sweet screenshot:

Outside of the custom rule — no `When Object is Cloned` rule

Inside the custom rule block — `When Object is Cloned` appears for no reason


  1. Found a similar topic, but the bug isn’t appearing in the same place. So no “sbyp” posts in this topic.
  2. I didn’t use clones in my object, so no “Is there a Create a Clone block in your code?” posts in this topic.
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Hmmmmm I don’t really know why that happens?


I don’t know what this sounds to you,
But the custom rule is available to every object in the game.
So it must have a ‘When object is cloned’ to suit if there is a cloned object in other objects


but its not supposed to appear unless there are clones being created in the object

also random but for some reason i was expecting a poem after reading the first sentence lol