When loud sound doesn't work unless it is included in the main scene

In the iOS app
1 sentence description of the problem:
If the first scene that is played in a project does not contain a “when iPad hears a loud sound” block it will not be listened for, even if later scenes do contain one.
Steps to reproduce the problem every time:
(Start in a blank draft if possible)

  1. add a character with a change scene block
  2. add a second scene
  3. In the second scene, add a character that does something on a loud sound
  4. Exit the editor for the second scene and play the project

I expected this to happen: The loud sound block will work

But instead this happened: It won’t work unless you add the loud sound block in the first scene played.


Adding to this, It only works after you play the scene with the loud noise event, and it breaks again if you go into the scene without one…

Super weird, tho. I bet it has something to do with the microphone access not checking if the loud noise event exists in any scene…


yeah that’s what i thought. not sure though. if you play the project from the editor for a scene with the block in it it works.


Well, maybe it’s only checking for a very short period of time to see if the block exists in the scene you started in when you start playing the project before allowing access to the mic?


It is working for me in the web version but not the app.


I may have fixed the bug!!! After some testing (and thought led by other replys), I figured out that putting a loud noise variable in the first scene will load it over!

Here is a project that shows it:


@Dragonsarereal all you did was find a workaround to the bug. It is still very well not fixed. /lh


Well yeah, but it works right?


Yeah, but it should still be addressed so a bug like this doesn’t occur in the future.

(I sure hope it’s fixed soon, even if “soon” is still a month away).