When is your birthday? (PT Approved!) (Birthday Calendar)


When is your birthday? Put it below the line. Then, we will know when it is, so maybe we can throw a little birthday surprise together for you. I will sort it into 12 catagories; all of the months! If your birthday is already listed just add a comma then your name too!


June 18 - @randomPerson, @RandomPerson2

Also, please don’t share the year of your birthday, only the date (e.g. June 18).

DISCLAIMER: By writing your name on this list, you agree that it is not I, leaders, nor anyone else’s fault if harm were to happen to you because of this. Does @staff approve?


Just January - @hopscotch_king - EnchantedAnimallover - Rainbow Galaxy
January 2nd- waddlemarcpo
January 6th-ChocolateFox
January 7th- @PixelMaster64
January 14th- William04GamerA
January 14th- TigerLils
January 17th- Glitter Kitty
January 18th- AwesomeWolf18
January 19th- SmileyAlyssa
January 21st- Black Panther(T’Challa)/@Phase_Admin
January 28th- LotsaPizza🍕 @MrHotdog64
January 29th - @StarKid
January 31- @Sweetlina

February 24th - WinningMonkey
February ?? - Maltese
February 15 -@TheLogoMaster
February 17th- @CreativeCoder
February 10th- @StRiKe_Panzer
February 28th-29th @Sir_Spaghetti

March 1st- @IKeudin
March 2nd- @GracefulIcing1
March 3rd- @seawolfwerehorse
March 13th- @Jojo/Dude
March 18-@RobotPro
March :black_square_button:- @Aes2015
March 21-@StarryDream
March 29th- @Razor

April 8th- @friendship2468
April 24th(yesterday! :3)- @DancingLollipop
April 29th- @NeonCleats1, @jellybean671 @OnceUponATime eyyyyy
April 30th- @Waffle_Draws


May 4th - @Jadeybirdy
May 15th @EP125
May 16 - @Paydent12
May 23rd - @FluffyMice
May 29th-@AmiiboTrash
May ?th- @stick88
May 7th- @Rainboom
May 17- @iReesesCup
May 14th @Redo122
May 30th @SimplySouthernGurl
May ?? - @Snoopy

June 6-@RenegadeBird1(yey)
June 9 - @Rawrbear (Also the last day of school :D), @iReesesCup’s sisters
June 15-@Doodliedoo and @Sensei_Coder
June 20- @iPlazma
June 23 @PercyJackson9(10 years of AWESOME!)
June 29 @TheRainbowChicken
June 30 @Blue72


July 4- @Anonymous (:tada:yey​:tada:)
July 5- @DancingPineapples1
July 6 - @CosineStudios
July 9- @VanillaBlossom
July 13- @PenguinGaming713
July 14 - @PearlRULEZ
July 23- @ColourfulBlack
July 26-@Giraffedolphin26


August Potatoe- @AlohaHawaiiStudios
August 4- @Fun_in_the_Sun (:tada::balloon::confetti_ball::gift::gift::confetti_ball::balloon::tada:)
August 5- @AcuteAlpaca
August 9th! - MS
August 15- @DaPurpleMan1
August 23- @Lightningstrike
August 28- @MR.GAM3R
August 31 (nearly September!) @Awesome_giraffe
August 18- @AwesomeNachos

September 24 - @PopTart0219 (yey)
September 1st - @Jess888 (oldest in my class whoop whoop!)
September 2nd - @MiNi
September 28th- @Deadfr
September 21st- @UndertaleTacoz
September 23rd- @WeirdWaffles, @JaggedJeans
September ??- @PerfectPanda24
September 26- Kitkat26
September 29th- @Bubbles4Ever929
September 14th- @KarmicSans618
Spetember 9th - @Silverdolphin !

October 1 - @xXIshaRulezXx
October 3 - @FoodDelivery
October 6 - @EggsOnSaturn1
October 9- @minioncandy
October 18-@Niftynia75
October 19 - @MobCraft
October 28th- @Dude73

November 1st - ihasfluffycupcakes
November 2nd - @BB-Box, LazyLizard
November 8th- @smishsmash
November 15th- @TheGamerNextDoor15 (whoop whoop!)
November 18th- @TheGreenBanana, @MrGrilledChese
@Jess888’s little sister


December 4th - HoppingBanana
December 5th @Candycane
December 14 - @malie, @Pixel
December 16 - @Catface4
december potato - @hopscotch_king

Birthday Calender!
Hopscotch Birthdays!
Why I'll be inactive

May 29th-@AmiiboTrash


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@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman is this approved?

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I edited with my month, just not the day.

Good job with the disclaimer up above, you have stated the risks. Anyone can share as much information as they want, just know the risks :slight_smile:


We have the same bday!! :3


My birthday is on January 31


Welcome to the forums! I'll add your name on there, because basics can't do world edit. :slight_smile:


September 21!
I share a birthday with a YouTuber!


Please help me out by liking the first post if you added your name on there, or if you think it's a good idea! Thanks! :blush:


@Paydent12 can you make my name smaller as it doesn't go small like the others for me
Thanks for doing that for me


All the September people have birthdays before and after mind (within 4 days) and no one has the same one XD


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Except your older than me.


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Sometimes I like to think of my bday still in FEBRUARY (idk why caps) because February's not a full month. Even though I love March.


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WOW. I'm suprised October has no birthdays. In my class, there's a TON of people with April birthdays. Two kids were even born on the same day! (Is it bad that I forgot what day my friends bday was and Ive known her for 6 years? I also forgot about her bday party. I cri :,(