When ... is Released



@oio @liza I couldn't agree with you more, When Released would be a great function for Hopscotching!

In the meantime there are two ways you can check if you've stopped pressing something.

The first, mentioned by @t1 inspired by how magmaPOP shows how your joystick can return to the center when you let it go. I've linked to the relevant part of the video (minute 13)

The second is from angry birds, inspired by how etalix checked if you let your foot go in Stick Kicking, starting at minute 9:

There are probably many other ways to write this, but these are two good ones! Let me know if this was helpful!

By the way, we love Horizon, it's awesome!



Oh, wow, @alish, now I'm embarrassed. You're awesome.

I didn't want to say anything, but the version of that game that got "featured" isn't even finished! LOL. First of all, I still have to put in a "bad guy" - you know, somehing to shoot at! Something that will come and get you, if you don't. Otherwise it's just a stellar easter egg hunt with some sorta-kinda physics in it. Second of all, haha, the fuel bonus is waaaay to generous. You can play the game forever with a fuel bonus of 8888. No challenge. Finally, there's gotta be sounds!!! I know... "There's no swoosh, pew-pew, or kaboom in space." But I don't care. I want sounds, like when you accelerate and stuff. And, well, it's kinda hard coming up with some (layered) sounds that don't cause my code to lag. Still workin' on that. I'm thinking wind, crickets and kitty-cat. Not sure. Kinda ridiculous, I know. :yum:

You are so kind to help me with this topic. Thanks a heaping teaspoon of neutron star! :sunglasses:


Thanks @alish! I found a really good way from Simple Programmer which I shared on a post here. I'm not sure if it's the same way of coding it but here it is anyway :smiley: The link to the project is underneath the picture.