When is not matching, new idea

Aaahhh ok I get it

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Matches allows you to use regular expressions, so it’s more similar to checking if it contains something than equals something.


Isn’t this when () doesn’t equals ()
Eh can’t explain

No, because this can use regular expressions, similar to what I want with In string, replace something with something but it just checks if it does not match something instead of replacing what it does match, if anything.

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This could work with both when message doesn’t match (the opposite of when message matches) and when I don’t get message (opposite of when I get message) I think both would be pretty useful, cool idea.

Why can’t you just use when game is playing and pause it for a frame when you get a message? Or with In string, replace something with something you might be able to create your own message system which would make that easier.


You could but just having the block would make it much easier

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This block would be useful

Great idea - it would be very useful to have in Hopscotch.

You confuse me? I don’t understand


Isn’t that why check if else exists?

Or is it a rule rather than a block?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist yet.

Fortunately, you can use JSON editing and drop a conditional into a conditional.

If ( ("test" matches "t") == 0 ) {
  //Do something

The code above is the equivalent of “test” does not match “t”


Bumpity bump


Do we need this

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Repeat forever{
Check if ((hi) matches (h)){
// nothing here
// some code here
}end if
}end repeat

Bruh that’s big brain JSON editing there

Oh, matches (0) i thought matches ( )

it basically means if (“that” == “t”) is false { code }

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Can’t you basically just do

 when ___ doesn’t equal ____

Uh = and matches are very different…


yep, matches can use RegEx

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