When is it okay to make a new GT?



So the title explains my question.
When is it okay to make a new GT?
Is it okay to make a new one when your current one has under 10,000 replies, the max limit?
Is it okay to make a new one if your current one is dead, or when you want a fresh start?
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Here’s what I think:
-When it’s closed
-When it’s not been active for almost a year
-When it’s a combination of a bunch of bad things (say it’s flagged, uneditable, and outdated all at the same time)


I think you should only make a new GT when the current one is closed. Either by 10000 posts or amount of flags. NEVER because it isn’t active.


but think about this-- my first gt ever went for almost two months with zero replies

i understand now that that’s not a long time, yet still sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh start


My first GT was made in March 2017 and I only recently finished it. There were months when it was nothing but me. But I did not give up, no one should.

If people’s GTs aren’t active enough for their GT they can tag friends.


KVJ has a whole topic.
https://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/we-should-re-thin k-making-new-general-topics-right-discuss/37220?u=sophia71205

You’ll hav two copy and paste without the space before the k in the link. The filter is weird.


I agree with young kayro


Whenever you want to.


I only recently joined, but I’d say that when it gets closed by replies is good. :grinning:


I can see I might have inspired this question… :smile:


I totally agree! Also, if your GT is inactive, you could try to revive it, and if it doesn’t work, you can maybe make a new one. But just maybe.


Yeah, kind of. :joy:
I was also thinking about making a new one, too, because it’s too old to edit.
And it’s really dead.
Once I reached 1000 replies.


Where is the link?




Where is it?