When is custom sounds possible?



I was wondering if hopscotch will ever let hopscotchers record custom sounds and upload it to hopscotch?

Pleas add the following things in new Update

I've seen a tutorial for that around here.


well if you can always ask but i think that is a great idea my advice is to find one of Liza post that's most like this question and reply her so see can see your idea/question


@WaterPheonix before sounds came out on hopscotch, there was a lot of discussion about this. The reason why we didn't get/have the ablity to add our own custom sounds is because of:

a. privacy of people
b. people may post inappropriate sounds (swearing etc) which we don't want!
c. It would be hard to monitor all the projects' sounds to make sure they are clean!

Pleas add the following things in new Update

I don't think we should have our own custom sounds because sometimes hopscotchers may post some innapropiate sounds and it would be hard to monitor all the custom sounds. It is also the same as why Hopscotch doesn't have our own custom pictures.


I meant, Hopscotch doesn't let us use custom photos in our projects.


Yet. Hopscotch doesn't let us yet. They are working on a new update! (You've actually probably heard of this :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)