When iPad is swiped



I saw the code for @t1_hopscotch's 2048, and I saw that it had "When iPad is swiped right." I looked at the things that could be swiped, but iPad didn't show up! How was this done?


It was a glitch/bug, and I think t1 said that in a different topic, but it's probably fixed now from experimenting.


Oh... :cry:


ditto (to the last comment b4 this one), buuuut.... Ima experiment...


The way I did it doesn't work anymore and yep I did say it in another post (search up "When iPad is Swiped" and you'll find three other posts about it :wink:) but I'll quote it here too:

Unfortunately the Hopscotch Team fixed this bug (a bit ironic since usually you want bugs to be fixed :stuck_out_tongue:) so you can't do it anymore this way.

You can either remix a project that has it, or (an easier way) make an object like a square really big, then send it to the very back, and use the "When __ is swiped" rules with that.


Yeah...I'm trying to re-create 2048. I may stick with something else.


Maybe a box you can swipe..? :wink:


But then you can't swipe on the actual board, and I'm not a fan of 99% invis, I feel that it would be visible.


You can try and make the box the same colour as your background but for an object to register that you're touching it, it does have to be around 98-99% invisible


I'm trying out a different method, I like invis that you can still see the thing that is being invis-ed (lol grammar)


It actually has to be at least 98.9999999... % invisible for it to work, because I tried 99% for a swiping test, and a character didn't move up, but when I put 98 + 100 / 99, it worked.