When I was gone


Here is a short* story of stuff that happened when I was gone:

I got demoted
I went to summer camp
I turned 11
I got addicted to doctor who, Pokémon sun,alternative music, and redwall
I ate chips
I read TMR (the maze runner)
*not really


Who are you? Read my recent posts to figure out who I am.


Apparently @Madi_Hopscotch_ followed me!


IM ME!!!!!


I know. I'm not new.


When did you start hs?


I'm DoctorWhoManiac
Hence being addicted to it


I have almost all the mementos, have pictures of all the cats, and have all the remodels and items in Neko Atsume fite me >:)



Have you seen the new goodies? I'm saving up for the cat gym.



Wait.. what?

What do you mean cat gym?

I have Melange, Macchiato, and the remodel and items added in 1.8.0.


There should be some new goodies. It's also a new update, 1.8.5


Is it out for Google Play yet?


Oh, I don't know that. I'm using apple



I sorta remember you.... :thinking::thinking: Antwho welcolme back! I remember speaking to you a few times.. or reading your posts..

Edit: K now I remember welcolme back!




Sorry I had to :joy:


Welcome back! You posted in my first topic ever made when I was a noob, and now I'm a regular! You were there since I first joined! Welcome back!