When I try to set a variable to 0 in a conditional when, it doesn't work, even though all the conditions should be true


The problem is with this rule:

And maybe the one below it.
I can’t think of anywhere where stage is equal to anything but one except the beginning of the project, and I have checked that I was testing with the absolute value of tilt up % being less than 5. I’m probably going to make it higher than five later, but it should work like this.

@CodeHelp @OMTL


Were you laying your device flat when you ran the project?

I laid mine flat and it was set to 1:

However it only was for a second or less than one at a time, it’s very sensitive. I’d reccomend doing 10 or 15 instead.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for let me know, I’m not really sure what you’re asking otherwise.


I am planning on changing it to a much higher level.

It should be set to 0 when flat.

I should probably have tried putting it higher earlier though


Sorry,I don’t understand what you’re saying


Hi @Petrichor

Have a look at sequence of the 2 rules in the “Orientation detector”

When View = Bottom, the 1st rule sets View to Top, then the 2nd rule becomes true so it immediately sets View right back to Bottom


Oh yeah. Thanks.

I accidentally used a less than conditional when I should’ve used a greater than.