When i shared a post i did not get the badge help!



When i shared a post i did not get the badge help! Is it a bug or something? Im asking because my goal for the forum is to get every single badge.


maybe you did it wrong?


Same with me I'll show you how I did it




It takes a while for it to process, but if you still haven't gotten it after this time, you must've done it wrong. Make sure you're actually adding a hyperlink and not just quoting it


That's right! @slippery salamander

Go to this post


I know what I did wrong I erazed https//


testing again


Do you mean you erased both? Because when you paste it has it already. And how come you haven't gotten the badge yet? It seems like you did it correctly.


Idk (this had to be longer)


Well my battery is only at 18% so maybe that's why


I don't know why that would be it. I do this at 3% sometimes..


Should I tell the hopscotch team?


Give it a few days then you can do whatever


Ok (this had to be longer)


When you share a post, you don't have to put it as hyperlinked text (like in this colour). You just have to paste in the URL of the post you're sharing.


What do you mean @t1_hopscotch


So sharing a post is when you copy the link of the post, and then you just have to paste it into your reply on a new line.


I just got it thanks for helping me @t1_hopscotch, @CreativeCoder and @Lavendercupcake