When Drawing line spikes to a different position


When I Use a draw pad I made spikes happen when drawing. They look like this https://discourse-cdn-sjc1.com/gethopscotch/uploads/default/original/3X/1/2/1286030b54f7adf6168e5a15877daf4bdb4522a8.png
Why does this happen and how can I fix it


It’s a bug with Last touch.


Do you know how to fix it @CreationsOfaNoob


THT know about the bug and have been trying to fix it for a while. Theyre still working on it :slight_smile:


@Kikflip or anyone else

Can someone give an example of drawing pad code that “spikes”?

A link to a project would be awesome.


@ThinBuffalo this is an example.


Thanks @kikflip, but I was looking for the actual code. Can you post the code for the pen or, better yet, a link to the project?


There you go @ThinBuffalo


Thanks, @Kikflip It doesn’t seem to spike when I try your project. Are you using an older version of the app? I think I remember seeing the Last Touch bug (that causes the spike) in the past, but maybe it’s fixed with newer versions of the player.


It’s either lag or a bug. It happens on older versions and iPhone most often, but occasionally occurs other wise on a complex draw pad. I suggest you don’t have too many blocks stuffed into one rule or an obnoxious amount of clones. This advice is from my personal experience, don’t take it as criticism to your project since I have yet actually to view it. You should also try restarting the app, as this usually clears up some of the lag and refreshes the project.
Sorry…this is an issue that’s happened to me all too often. I don’t publish drawings on HS, but still.


It has stoped happening for me but I don’t know why just yesterday it was doing that.


I think it sometimes has to do with the rotation of your device.


It doesn’t spike to me either, at least not in the web player:

As you can see, I tried drawing some different shapes and lines, and there was no spikes at all. The line at the very bottom of the project is drawn by hand, so it wasn’t the bug that made the line “spiked”.

That might be the problem, as there have been several bugs related to the rotation of the device.

Yeah, I haven’t experienced the bug before, but maybe @Kikflip made this drawing pad on an iPhone. I might be wrong, but when I play the project in the web player, it seems smaller than projects created with an iPad usually are, so this project might be created on an iPhone.

I haven’t looked in the code, but this project doesn’t lag and you can’t change any colors, so unless there are any code for that, it shouldn’t be the code that is causing the bug.


That’s funny, sometimes it happens to me when I make drawing pads but I don’t know why