When doing trail art,how do I Fill certain areas?



How do I fill an area when I’m doing trail art?


You can fill an area with trail art too!


Yeah, I know. That’s the question-how?


Wait a little…


This is an example

When you do this it will fill all of the area


He meant certain areas, as in filling in a trail art square


I know. Its only an example of full filling area.


I know how to do that
I use that in almost every game


I can do another example for you say what you want!


Do you know how to fill certain areas?


Yes, I know. But Im not really proffesional at this.


Ok,I’ll like to see it.


I will be off now. Maybe later.


Im back!!! What do you want now?


I’ll post a tutorial later, but I have to go to my brother’s baseball game soon.


Good luck to your brother!


Actually the game might get rained out… I kinda hope it doesn’t.



What shape are you wanting to fill? The algorithm used to fill an “area” will generally depend on the shape of the area.

It’s possible to fill an area with a random boundary, but that’s likely much more difficult than what you’d need if filling, for example, a square or triangle.

Also, some algorithms can fill the shape quickly while others take longer.


I searched Hopscotch for “Fill”. Here’s an example showing filled circles & ovals.

Here’s an example for triangles

Another with a square & a triangle


@Aariv, take a look at this answer.


Hmm… Ok. I’m trying to make the Python Logo,and I need to fill in that area.