When did you join hopscotch and how?


Thank you so much! You're an amazing, awesome, cool, incredible, coder and Hopscotcher! :D


WOW thanks a ton coming from you!

When you followed me a screemed!


All the way back in October 2014. I will recreate the scene.
Basically, I was like, I wanna make an app.
My mom was like, there's an app called Hopscotch I think that my class downloaded.
I download it.
My mom was like, how about your name is Sillyfunswimgirl? :stuck_out_tongue:
Now I have a newer account with more code and less remixes.


I joined Hopscotch sometime in 2013, but I don't remember exactly when.

One day, my mother was looking for learning apps for me and my brother. She quickly came across Hopscotch.

I immediately loved Hopscotch, and it quickly became my favourite app. :D

Now, Hopscotch was much different back in 2013, and if I remember correctly, nobody could publish projects unless they were a teenager. :grimacing:

In any case, there were only a couple of published projects, and I never published any.

Anyway, back then, I spent almost all of my time on Hopscotch just playing with code blocks and making random projects. Eventually, I decided to program my very first game! :D

The game was called The Journey Of Jody.

I remember what most of it was like, but I forget a few details. ;-;

I didn't know about emojis at the time, so the project only had text and Hopscotch characters in it.

Here's a description of the game...

In The Journey Of Jody, you start by shaking the iPad and waking up Jody. After this, Jody begins to walk. However, Jody is sucked into a portal (a.k.a. a bunch of -s that are turned 90 degrees.).

You then move a Hopscotch character (I think it was Gorilla...) around by tilting the iPad (at least, I think you moved the character around by tilting...), and avoid obstacles. If you want, you can collect the one coin just sitting in the corner, it gives you 5 points, but your main goal is to get to the "portal".

Now that I think about it, the game was rather easy. Then again, it was only my first game.

Also, this was only part 1, I was planning to make part 2 in another draft.

Unfortunately, I forgot to make a backup of my iPad before trying to update to iOS 7, and my old iPad is now unusable. ;-;

It's a long story. ;-;

Anyway, all of the projects I made in 2013 were deleted right after I made my first game. ;-;

I should really remake it.

Anyway, by the time I got a new iPad, I had kind of half-forgotten about Hopscotch. I still remembered it, but I didn't get around to re-downloading it until September 2014.

A lot of changes had been made since the time I first played Hopscotch, and it took a while for me to get used to it.

However, I eventually got around to making another game. :D (What? I like making games, and I have since the first time I made one. :D


I joined in December 2014.

My teacher put it on my school iPad. I was so new! I didn't know anything and only used the rainbow pre-made blocks.

I got so addicted that I forced my dad to get it on his iPad. But recently, a few months ago, I got my own iPad and now I'm independent :slight_smile:

What is this thing that makes hopscotch so awesome?



I joined hopscotch February 2014, I can’t remember how though.
(Also if anyone is reading this, should I make new topics for things like this or bump the conversation)


I joined in October of 2016. Idk how tho.


I joined April of 2016. It was required for school, in media class. I liked it somewhat and stuck with it


I joined August of 2014. My dad downloaded it on our family iPad, when it first released, and didn’t tell me about it. One day, I was bored and found the app downloaded, and just started playing around with it! I fell in love!!