When did you join hopscotch and how?


There's a question that most hopscotchers have in the back of their mind, when and how did you join hopscotch? Just share your expierience of how you first joined hopscotch, have fun!






Once upon a time.

Back in 2013/early 2014 (I forgot the exact month and year, but it was around tone of those times)...

I was scrolling around the App Store, in the 9-11 kids apps for some good apps (pfft, the 8-6 kids apps had more good ones. ;-;).

You know.

Doo dee dupedy doo.

Tappy tap tap.

I'm sorry.

And I stumbled upon hopscotch, at the time I would try out any app that looked cool, and hopscotch was one of them.

I was legit impressed and amazed by everything that was on the community at the time (this was actually before thumbnails and I think profiles existed. XD.)

But I couldn't create anything. XD
I didn't understand hopscotch.

At the time, my iPad was low on space, and I basically had to delete any apps before I got attached to them. XD
Unfortunately, hopscotch was one of those apps I chose to delete.

A year later, (in December 2014), I was looking through old apps and I rediscovered hopscotch.

This time, I learnt how to use it better, figured out, and understood hopscotch.

And after year and almost a half later, here I am now! XD


I joined hopscotch in December 2014 because a specific friend showed meh.

Don't try.


SmilingSnowflakes. XD

SmilingSnowflakes did.

Srsly (seriously) tho (though)

I introduced you hopscotch. XD


That's tru tho. XD



And yes, that is true. XD


My dad downloaded it on an iPad 1 when I was young.

Like @SmilingSnowflakes I came when hopscotch was very new.

I came when you couldn't create, like or remix. I came here when profiles and activity didn't exist.

Time passed, I never understood hopscotch, I didn't play it.

Years passed...

So now scrolling through the App Store (in 2015) on my new iPad I found it, started playing, been here ever since, gotta thank my dad for finding hopscotch :D


I joined in September 2015

I joined because a website infected my iPad with the Hopscotch virus XD


Kewl stories! I joined hopscotch when it was basically beta,(2013-2014) no profiles, no publishing, just code and it gets dumped when you exit. I joined because, it was part of a code practice, in 3rd grade. And then years/a year passed and then my teacher proposed it to us for a free time activity and that's how I joined. :smiley:


One day VanillaOwl was riding the bus to go to a place. :D

She saw that one of her friends was riding that bus too, so she sat by them. :D

I looked over and saw that she was making Cupcake swirl around with a rainbow trail. :D

I was honestly laughing so hard. XD

I didn't understand so I asked her what app was that and she said, "Hopscotch!"

I was like 0-0

I didn't understand or process anything. XD

The next morning I wanted to see more into this app so I got it myself! :D

I didn't understand it at all tho. XD

It took a lot of patience and practice. XD

By that time I was really immature and did a lot of weird stuff that carried to the game. -_-

Like my old topics... -_-

Which I wish there was a delete button for topics and SUPER old posts. -3-

Hint hint Hopscotch HQ. XD

Welp, that is the story of VanillaOwl! XD


I just saw my friends playing it on her iPad back in October. There was seriously no fun apps on our school iPads, so I was pretty desperate. I had no idea what it was, but it was colorful, so why not? I downloaded it, then started making some projects in November. I soon loved it! :smiley:


september 2015

so, at sep 2015, i got hopscotch because my teacher want me too.

i code projects, because thats my homework.

i only got2 likes
or 0 most of the time
my name was reeds at that time

than, 2 months later, i tried the drawing thing valgo created
i got 5 likes
i was screaming

after i saw @OrangeScent1 and @SmilingSnowflakes 's models
i drew my first drawing on hopscotch.
i got 30 likes
i fainted
than another
and another
my highest that time was 80 likes

people started noticing me, i named my self Queen of Hopscotch (i know LOL) that time
i got a requests from @LotsaPizza
i felt okay
cause i dont really know her

after i decided to draw on hopscotch, i need to change my name to
colourful black
everything is colourful, even black

my highest likes project is 312 now

big thank u for reading this XD


I started hopscotching in February 2015 when I started to be home ed then within the first few months I got a few friends and followers and was helped by peeps such as @SASSYSINGER and @KVJ

If it wasn't for @MagmaPOP, @LotsaPizza or @t1_hopscotch I wouldn't know anything so thanks guys u all inspired me

By Christmas I was getting fed up of not being noticed then suddenly I was on featured with up to 200-250 likes
I felt special​:yum::slight_smile::blush::grinning::heartpulse:

Then I didn't go on my account 888unicorn as much​:scream::weary::tired_face::sob: as I had restarted school
In January 2016 school gave us hopscotch and I was the smug class master lol and I learnt to do amazing people like @SmilingSnowflakes and was so smug but got no more than 10 like so I cried​:fearful::sob::frowning::disappointed_relieved::sleepy::scream::angry::rage::rolling_eyes::thinking::flushed::unamused::angry::confused::frowning:

Then after a short period of time on my music lover account soon to be deleted I became jess888 and still I am not popular or liked and no one popular appreciates my effort but I won't give up and I love drawing and have tried more since seeing @ColourfulBlack s drawings.... So yeah I'm trying to not give up still

Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way and told me not to give up and thankyou to all the people tagged as well as others such as @Rawrbear for inspiring me in such a way to follow my dreams and believe in myself!

Jess888/the soon to be active 888unicorn


I saw hopscotch on the App Store because I was coding html JavaScript and more on this website I lost the page and so i was looking for a coding website or app i saw hopscotch and I was like coding made easier? Huh I'll download this, overnight I fell in LOVE​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Intrasting topics I seen these two things separated but it's cool to see them come together!:smile:


I started in December 2014 before that but don't rember my first account at all! My dad created it!(not sure if there was accounts)

And I got into it by scratch I took a class that got me into scratch and then me and my two sisters my mom and dad were sitting in a room and I was on my iPad girls we watching television and my dad saw that I really loved scratch!

So what happend is he was looking for coding languages as he called them and forum hopscotch!

At the time I needed to use his IPad becuase I had a really old iPad and it could not get hopscotch!:scream:

Christmas Day I got a iPad then I was like "hey remeber that app called hopscotch you were showing me?

I'm gonna get it again!"

So that's how I got hopscotch! ever since hopscotch has been my second home!


Me too! :D :D


Yay buddy's!:smiley::smiley:



I started in December 2014 too! XD
By the way, awesome story! :D


Oh, thanks!

And yay my favorite hopscotcher who's a better coder then me joined the same month as me!

You have tons of skill!