“When Bumps” doesn’t seem to work



I’m making a game, and “when bumps” doesn’t work for some reason.
Here are screenshots. When the :gear:️ bumps zombear, zombear should Di.e .It doesn’t work for some reason.


Try when touches


Still doesn’t work


I’ve been having problems with this today as well.

Try having an object setting position to your finger. Have it do something when touching the edge. Move it to the bottom. It doesn’t work.

When you have it go to the fingers y-50, it works about halfway down.

This seems like the edge at least is based off of y position.


I’m gonna tag @Ana @Rodrigo @awesomeonion @Liza


Please fix this issue, I have to finish this game!


@Aariv The when bumps rule can be flakey with the webplayer. If you would temporarily publish the project & post a link, I could look to see if the issue is normal behavior or something new (or maybe a code bug).


Here you go


Hi @Aariv. Bumps should work fine for the way you’re trying to use it, so no worries there. However, there are some problems with your code…

Rather than explicitly give fixes, I’ll try to help you discover the bugs yourself:

  • The bump rules triggers when Zombear touches Saw1. You have multiple Saw objects. If the Saw being bumped isn’t Saw1, then nothing will happen…
  • After the Bump triggers, nothing will happen if Zombear’s Damage doesn’t equal 3

I’d suggest to create a new text to monitor the value. Then it should be obvious why Damage does not equal 3




I generally don’t use bump or touches. After 16 objects, it lags up.
I use square hitboxes with absolute value difference checking. Works great


Several people have had issues with the Control blocks. @TheCMStudios and one other, I think.