When are the Halloween characters coming out?


I need them for games I'm making...


Branch projects that have the Halloween charecters


Yeah hopscotch have a branch project with the Halloween characters


Unfortunately it takes a while for an app update to be approved by Apple. So the only way to get them is by branching other projects. Sorry!


The Hopscotch Team (the account of the official Hopscotch team) has a broker you can branch, so you can use those! Plus, there are characters you have to pay for usually in there, too!!! 🤑🤑🤑:smile:


@CamMakesGames, The hopscotch team said that they sort of hacked for them. I have no idea how, but I know.


On the topic announcement of the #HHC there is the link to the hacked hopscotch project. It gives you a copy of each character but doesn't show the little button that means you have remixed another person's project. That is the hack. Unfortunately zombie beat isn't included, but you can remix The Hopscotch Team's project with all available Hopscotch characters in it.