When and why did you get Hopscotch?



I remember the day I got Hopscotch.

I was at math and my math teacher started showing us how Hopscotch worked. It was funny how we thought the projects we made were so good. If you want to see the projects I made last year look at the account lmask. That was my account last year.
When and why did you get Hopscotch?


I had Hopscotch on my school iPad, and I discovered it two and a half years ago. I looked at it, and thought it was a pretty easy way to code. I had just recently done the Java coding on Khan Academy, so I was excited to learn to code!


I wanted to show my sister and I got addicted :sweat_smile:


My school had hopscotch. I was convinced to join because I wanted to try a game my brother was talking about. Instead of playing games though, I ended up coding. This made me more interested in programming.


I got Hopscotch in November last year. Our mom was looking for coding games and she downloaded Hopscotch and I (the girl) started to play it and we got addicted and we forgot our password about 5 times and kept resetting it and emailing @Liza.

@Liza, remember our mom emailing you in November about a password? :stuck_out_tongue:


It was back in October....
I saw Hopscotch on my friends iPad. I was like, "Well, it looks better than playing chess over and over again" so I got it. Then I discovered it was the best app ever!


I started hopscotch fairly recently because i was on a autism thingy (i have autism) and i wanted to try this program


i started about the month it began. i was looking for programming apps, amd found this.


It was an app we could get on our school iPads, and I have just taken tech class. I figured I would try it to see if I can get a little deeper into coding, and I got addicted.


One word:


And it was the only game on the school App Store


in 2015, i got into a fight. then, a hopscotcher named pouncingk1tty helped me.


I started step.2015 because my whole class was using it


when i got into a club called teamcoderz™, when i logged out, i cant get in! so i made justanotherhopscotcher.


Someone showed me hopscotch in the hallway. It looked kind of fun, and I was bored, so I downloaded it. I figured it would be like a portable version of stage cast creator, and it sort of was, but it was better for some things and worse for others. I tried making some stuff before theater, it wasn't very good, but it was entertaining. My code has gotten better, but I have about the same mentality: just make something interesting. I've been obsessed with it since I found it, and I have coded every day from then until I decided to cut myself off.


Oh... that. :P


Well my school iPad has it and yeah!
Not trying to boost but I am the best technology person in class and goes to a special Tec group every Friday and I love math (best in year group ) so I started coding with my maths skills and while playing hopscotch I got better at technology !
Ask @DreamyLemon or @Laura or @CreamySmoothie they know me !


HS was on our school iPads. I had used it briefly on a different account (audheartsfrogs) and I decided to check it out again. It just kind of stuck.


I got hopscotch during the hour of code in 2014. I have no idea what we were doing tho. We had a sub and she said for us to download hopscotch on our school iPads.


I started Hopscotching back when you had to be 13 or older to publish projects. I still made projects, but I couldn't publish them.

Anyway, I think I joined Hopscotch because I had gotten interested in programming and my mother was looking for coding apps for me, but I'm not sure.

Sadly, all my old projects were deleted right after I finished my first game. :pensive:


I got Hopscotch in December of 2015. I was looking in the App Store in the Kids 9-11 section, and saw it was featured. I watched the video and seemed kinda cool. I asked my dad if I could get it, and then I have been hooked ever since.