When ___ is double tapped



Do you think that there should be a when ____ is double tapped block?

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First and first!
Technically, you could make the same block with values, but having a when _______ is double tapped block would definitely make it easier.


You could use values, and I think that with coding there should be some challenges. I don't think we need one ;)


I personally prefer using values. If _____ is tapped increase value by 1. Check once if value = 2 draw a trail of color. And HS needs coding challenges because once you get into other forms of coding it won't be as easy as HS.


A way u could make this is if u say if tapped rise value one and then wait like 2000 then increase value -1 so u have to double tap it kinda fast for whatever your trying to make work instead of tapping it once and then ten secounds later tapping it and it still working


Like I'll go make a example then screen shot it for ok


[^ when ipad is tapped
|[increase value 'tapped' by 1]

[^ when 7 = 7
|[^ check once if tapped > 2
||[set value tapped to 2]

[^ when tapped > 0
|[wait 400 miliseconds]
[^ check once if tapped > 0
|[set value tapped to 0]

[^ when tapped > 1
[[[[whatever you want to happen when you double tap]]]]
[wait 400 miliseconds]
[set value tapped to 0]


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What do you think of this idea?


Yes, but only for subscribers since it is possible already.


Ok ok I know. You can make it with values. I thought it would be convinient, that's all.


It would. But like I suggested for something which is free, it should be a subscriber only feature.


Yes. I still think it would be nice.


That would make it much easier to make "double-tapped" rules, so yes. You could email THT (The Hopscotch Team) about it!


Really? Wow! I appreciate your appreciation!
(What? Lol)


You can do it "by hand", even though it will take more code. It will need a counter.


I thought it could be a cool feature. Maybe in the future, THT could implement it. Or you can make a video on it, your choice.


Yeah :+1::+1:


Here's a way to do it. Pretend you're trying to say, when :heart:️ is double tapped, say "I Love You!"
When :heart:️ Is Tapped:
Increase value <love> by 1

Whenever the :heart:️ is tapped, it will increase this value by 1.
As you tap again, it'll increase the value to 2.
This is how it senses a double tap. It can also sense a triple tap.
How would you do this?
Well, once you tap it three times, the value love will equal 3. See how you can code this to sense anything?

When <love> = 2
Say, "I Love You!"
Wait # milliseconds
Set Value <love> to 0.

If you want this to keep sensing, you add a set value to 0 block again so you can start over the same process.
You're waiting because you don't want it to disappear right when love equals two.

Hope this helped! :grinning:


Yes,I know, but it would be convenient.


Maybe instead of "When ___ is double tapped", there should be a block that says "When ___ is tapped ___ times", allowing you to change the number of tappes required to make the action happen!

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