What's your time zone and what time are you most on HS?


In here you'll reply with your time zone the GMT way. My time zone is GMT+07.00
What's yours?
There is also the second part of the topik, what time are you on HS (usually)
This how you reply,
I am usually most on at Hospxothh at (insert what time are you most on) until (insert what time u stop playing HS), GMT(insert how many hours your city/country is after/before Greenwich)
This sounds confusing cos IDK how to explain it any further /(O.o)/
I'll google it up first. If you don't know your time zone, u can ask me or search it up.
I am gathering data. Thicks=D


4:00-4:49 central
6:20 - 9:55 central

Around some times im on here
weekends is different




Eastern time ye

I should go to sleep
I have school
Painful school


I am on almost all day on weekends, but on the weekdays:
8:15am Pacific Standard Time for a couple of minutes while waiting for class to start;
2:45pm - 9:30pm on and off, PST;

Mondays and Wednesdays:
4 or 4:30pm to 9:30pm PST.

(PST is GMT -07:00)


And I'm never on...


Central time for mehhhhhhh


That's it


Le KVJ magic..,.


My time zone is GMT :sunglasses:



Yeeesh,10th Post


I'm GMT+0 XD
it's easy to work out what the time is in othe countries over here xD


AEST (Australian eastern standard time)
GMT +2.00

I also have a slightly different topic where you can vote in a pole:


I'm the most active in the afternoon on the weekdays and mornings here on the weekends.


I'm in NAEST- North America Eastern Standard Time.
I'm often on really early in the mornings, until 7:20-ish, and in the afternoons, usually starting at two and ending at four. Stuff changes, though.


MSK (+2.00) time zone :slight_smile:


I am eastern time in the US! I'm on the forum whenever I can, and on Hopscotch usually after dinner around 6:30. Then on weekends, it's whenever I have time.


I am on around 15.30 to 17.00.