What's your profile pic?


I have seen many profile pics like @PopTart0219's saying "what is that?" So here just tell what your profile pic is it will be fun! Mine is my cat under the Christmas tree my dad took that one!
From the fluffy bear

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Mine is a chibi (cute) Hatsune Miku, drawn by @XiaoMiaoMi


Mine is a request @SmilingSnowflakes did for me. :blush:


Mine is a nonsensical golden gadget, as my HS username is GoldenGadget @XiaoMiaoMi drew it


I smashed the like button too hard.. I think it broke XD

Mine is the great



SBYP! There is a topic exactly like this already, called the evolution of your profile pic!


This is what is your profile pic!


Mine is a smiley face! :smiley:


Mines just a anime girl (it was originally a anime singer before it was cropped)


What does SBYP mean?


Im princess Luna from my little pony .


Search Before You Post! :smiley:

That's what it means :wink:


Mine is a nerdy basketball that @SmilingSnowflakes made for me :smile:


My amiibbbooossss. I could only get 2 in the picture so I chose Marth (His name is Harvey.) and Ike (His name is Swazia.)


Mine is dots
Can we get moving profile pics?


No we can not get gifs!


Mine is a cute lemon, SmilingSnowflakes style!


I am kind of horrible at doing cute stuff! :sweat_smile: Though I love them!


You just need a cute face and plonck that on a shape :D