What's your ideas on Hopscotch?



Hey guys and girls! Welcome to my topic, nice to see you!

So welcome to a topic I have been wanting to post for a long time. So this topic is all about, well, you! So this topic is your ideas about hopscotch and what you would add if you could, this includes the forums, and the Hopscotch community. This can also mean ideas for the coding blocks, and how THT could boost earnings, basically anything Hopscotch related, It's that simple.

For example I really want a item called Hopscotch Totem, a part of hopscotch that gives you a little badge for completing challenges, another item added. Challenges would come up every week, and they would challenge your creative and coding side with goals to make a project. Every time you beat a challenge you got a badge, each looking different, and a little peice of a totem pole, making it higher up the totem gives you rewards, like new coding blocks, access to add images and more.

Another example would be:

I enjoy the Hopscotch forums, but here is an idea to make it far more kind (even though it is)

(Just so you know I did SBYP...)

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Here's some people I think would enjoy this:









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Anyways, following up on the idea I had at the beginning, Totems would enhance gameplay, and if you complete five challenges, you when a roll in the coders wheel, a choice to choose one coding block out of three named by what it could contain. These blocks would be drop down, so it would have a coders vive to it. Once it drops down it randomly selects one of the things you get. The highest thing earnable would be a free subscription, but would be very rare. The higher you go up the totem pole, the better rewards you could get.


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... I think totems would be AWESOME!!! Then I could make a free game with photos!! :0000

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I think they should add something on people's accounts so that you can see how many followers you have and how many people you have followed. Also they should add a similar thing where it shows the total amount of likes you have received on Hopscotch.


Great idea fren! I have another idea starter, these will appear once a day...THT is currently decently small, what do you guys think will happen to it in the future?


Maybe the will hire new people to be in THT.

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I think that THT will have flourished and became a very wealthy business. I think that more goals will be added to THT and that they will have many employees, and tons of facilities across the US and later the world.


I would like Repeat Until/While and Wait Until blocks. THT could make money by charging a one-time fee for a full version of Hopscotch and accepting donations.


Great idea @ThePickle!