What's your highscore on birds and bees


Hey ya'll wazup today I got another topic and tonight (don't lie) tell your high score on my birds and bees games!! From the fluffy bear!

want more? Like for support and thanks for all the shoutouts and for saying how awesome I am it means a lot!


9999999999 (obviously not true)


High score? Lol it's unlimited(not exactly)
I left the bee on the bottom of the game... which cheated the entire thing xD

Also, you are awesome! :wink:


You know what you should have done is made it if you touch the flower then you die!


Wow thank you so much!


I cheated a bit too..... But I loved the project!


Wow thanks a lot!!,


0, my iPad crashed :stuck_out_tongue:
Darn it, why do I have an older iPads?


Lol same


High score? I played the game for quite a while, so my high score is 20,000 before I got bored and just left the bee at the bottom of the screen.


my high score is 2 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa