What's your Halloween costume?


What will y'all be for Halloween?????


Probably hatsune miku



Make sure to make all topics related to hopscotch! Is there any way you can relate this?

I don't know what I'm going to be yet :D



I'm going to be Pusheen for Halloween! :D

Maybe you can code or draw your costume in Hopscotch! Remember to have most of your topics related to HS :wink:


Liza said thst not all topics have to relate


I'm sorry, I'm not on the forum a lot so I didn't know... I'll try and delete this


It's okay now this topic is fine BURN there's already a bunch of topic she for this


No, it's fine! Liza said not all topic have to be related, but just most topics have to be :D


Not everything has to be HS related.




Can I see the actual reply that says this?
Edit: Here it is:


Actually, it does :)

At least a bit :wink:


Hi! I don't do Halloween. But plz try to keep this related to hopscotch! Thanks.....


Ok I'll edit this and make it something related


Oh ok thanks!


Not all topics have to be related,. Liza said.


I already made a topic like this! Please post there! :smile:


O I didn't know :/.
I am sorry