"What's your future" series collab


This topic is for the people who have volunteered to help me with my "What's your future" series. Helpers are needed! If you want to volunteer please @ me. There are a max of five helpers (I don't want this to be a big group project) If you don't what the series is, please go check it out. Just search any of these: What's your future?, What's your B'day present?, What will you eat, In 20 years, What's your present? and What's your superpower?

Volunteers for 29th September the next (What's your future) series project:


Oh! Awesome! Can't wait for it to be publish!


Where will you live will be funny




I will delete the gif cos i dont want anymore people knowing about my next project


I love that series! @FoodDelivery i want to be one of the helpers


Up at 6:49 am? XD


have to leave for school at 8:10


@FoodDelivery I wish I could help, but the best I could do is come up with ideas..


I'd love to be in again!
Just tag me if there's a new "What's your Future?" series as a volunteer!
It's fun making these kind of projects!


I know, the helpers help me come up with ideas!!!!


What is dissss why do I ask?


@Jess888 "What's your future" series is a series of projects that come up with wacky phrases to come up with hilarious sentences. Check some out if you are confused:

-What's your future?
-What's your B'day present?
-What will you eat?
-In 20 years...
-What's your present?
-What's your superpower?


Ok I get it lol.....


Hey @Hero_Dino @AwesomeNachos @Niftynia75 @HopedHoper @MR.GAM3R OUR GAME WE MADE, "Where will you live?" IS SUPER SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!! WE GOT ON THE TOP OF TRENDING IN UNDER 20 MINUTES!!!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR H.ARD WORK!


Playing "What's your super power"

Wut?! Lol


@FoodDelivery I wanna join


Okay I will put your name up there when I get home from school


we start working on it, next week :slight_smile: